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The Super Rich: Season One Graphic Novel

The Super Rich: Season One Graphic Novel


The Super Rich: Season One is 6-Part Action Comedy Series by writers Casey Van Heel (KNIGHTS OF THE 5TH DIMENSION, PALOOKA & CIVIL FOUR), Timmy Williams (IFC’s WHITEST KIDS U KNOW) and artist Ger Curti (PALOOKA, CHILLERS Horror Anthology by Trans-Fuzion & Troma Films).

A small band of wonderful one-percenters risks their fame, fortune, and Twitter Verified Status to become the first humans to purchase Super Powers giving them abilities and celebrity beyond their wildest dreams. The Super Rich must set aside their massive egos to unite their carefully cultivated brands and defend us from a colossal threat to our security; one even worse than Internet Trolls and Naysaying Neckbeards.

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