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From the Desk of a Middle Aged-Boy

I've just made a website to show off my comic books and other fun stuff.  If your reading this you most likely are a member of my family or someone I've been drinking with.  Here is a quick update to what's out and what's  to come

Palooka #1 is available at this very website.  The print run is only 100 copies and each one gets a Mortie Q. Suggs sketch by yours truly.  The first 4 pages of Issue #2 are inked and colored check back in a few weeks for new pics and more info

MORE CIVIL FOUR!! That's right folks!! You can get the entire "Death of a Nation" (C4 1-4) arc here at the website BUT the next TWO Issues are inked and on their way back from Down Under with our Penciling Pal Maxeem.

Keep Reading and I'll Keep Writing,



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